Why Should Your Home Bar Include a Few Old-Fashioned Glasses?

The idea of a home bar is a great one. Not only can you have it stocked with all of your favourite beverages, but you can make it look excellent too with beautiful neon lighting from sites like www.neonfilter.com! Plus, it’s a great way to socialise with friends and family. Home bars can very from home to home, with some liking a small designated area in the home and others liking full bars in the backyard. white If you do have a backyard bar, if you don’t already have some old white oak whiskey barrels, you should probably get some. They look fantastic and also provide somewhere to place drinks. Now, to actually create those drinks, you’re going to need some glasses.

You’ve probably heard of the old-fashioned only as a type of cocktail, but you might not know that the short, wide glasses used to hold the drink are also known as old-fashioneds. The old-fashioned glass is used to create a wide array of drinks, including the mint julep and negroni, and you’ll usually use one to drink a few drams of whisky.

Here are just a few reasons why your home bar deserves a few old-fashioned glasses.

Convenient Mashing

One of the first things you’ll notice about the old-fashioned glass is its thick base. It’s there because the old-fashioned glass is often used when a tipple is prepared in-glass. An old-fashioned, for example, is mashed in the glass instead of prepared in a separate vessel, so that thick base is required to mash with a muddler without risking damage.

Extremely Stable

Plenty of cocktail glasses are easy to knock over. If you brush against a martini glass or a highball, whatever drink was inside is probably going to end up soaking into your carpet. An old-fashioned glass is different. With wide base and short sides, they are planted firmly when you set them down. This makes them ideal for extended drinking sessions.

Perfect Circulation

If you’re having straight whisky, an old-fashioned glass can help bring out its flavours. Whiskey is a drink that benefits from exposure to the air, and an old-fashioned glass makes circulation easier while exposing plenty of the liquid – some old-fashioned glasses even have slightly curved sides to help keep the drink in the glass when you’re circulating.

Perfect for Ice

Drinks served in an old-fashioned typically benefit from plenty of ice. With their wide bases and rims, dropping in the required lump of ice is quick and convenient. When you’re going ‘on the rocks’, nothing suits better than the classic old-fashioned glass.

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