Why Should You Use Greaseproof Paper Counter Bags?

As you probably already know, greaseproof paper is impermeable to oil or grease. You’ll find it used a lot for food packaging, and you should certainly think about using greaseproof paper for your own counter bags. It might not seem like a major decision, but making the switch comes with plenty of benefits. 

Here are just a few reasons why you should use greaseproof paper counter bags.

Makes Food Look Better 

As they say, the first taste is with the eye. People might like the way greasy foods taste, but even a little bit can discolour paper packaging and leave the food itself looking less appetizing. You’ll lose any sense of upscale cuisine, and you might end up seeing health-obsessed diners going elsewhere. Choosing greaseproof paper can prevent that happening, making your room look better and helping your business maintain a premium image.

Keeps Branding Visible 

Even if your customers don’t mind the look of grease seeping through your paper packaging, you might find reason not to appreciate it yourself. The main problem is that your branding will be obscured. Printing on your paper packaging is a great way to remind people of your business and even have them unknowingly advertise it to any passers-by, so you it’s well worth investing in greaseproof paper counter bags to keep your branding visible and attractive. 

Improves Durability 

Finally, keep in mind that greaseproof paper counter bags are much tougher than other counter bags. If the bag you provide for your customers falls apart, they’re less likely to return no matter how much they enjoyed your food, and even small rips and tears are going to negatively impact how people perceive your business. Make sure your counter bags can go the distance by choosing greaseproof paper.

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