Why Should You Use Colour-Coded Kitchen Knives?

Colour-coded knives probably seem like a pretty nifty idea, but not exactly something your kitchen is in desperate need of – in fact, you might just be wondering what on Earth makes them worth buying, beyond the chance to brighten up your kitchen a little. Well, there are many good reasons, and here are just a few of the most important.

Avoids Cross-Contamination

By far the most important reason to use colour-coded kitchen knives is improving safety. The main purpose of colour-coding is to restrict each knife to a certain role. In restaurants and other commercial food preparation areas, the code is generally:

  • Red Knives for Raw Meat
  • Blue Knives for Raw Fish
  • Green Knives for Fruit or Salad
  • Yellow Knives for Cooked Meat
  • Brown Knives for Vegetables
  • White Knives for Bakery or Dairy Products

If you use the same knife for cutting raw meat and chopping your vegetables, it’s easy for dangerous cross-contamination to occur. This can result in illness, including serious food poisoning. Additionally, you may inadvertently cause an allergic reaction by using the same knife for different foods. This is especially important in restaurants and cafes and anyone else serving to the public. This is because these places are responsible for other people’s health and safety. It is why food must be properly refrigerated with units from professional companies like Coolsys, and that a health and safety assessment is made. But cross contamination is on the top of the list because of all the bad bacteria that could get into customer’s systems.

Prevents Flavour Transfer

Though hygiene is clearly the most important issue, colour-coding your knives should also protect the flavour of each dish. You see, using the same knife for different foods can bring the touches of the flavour of one to the other. It’s not always very noticeable, but it can make a surprising difference.

Allows You to Work Faster

Time is of the essence in the kitchen. If you’re preparing a complex dish, everything needs to come together at the right time. If you’re just throwing something together for lunch, you want all the necessary jobs done quickly. In either case, colour-coded knives help because you’ll be able to pick out the right knife instantly simply by glancing at the handle.

Colour-coded knives are about more than aesthetics. Using them could make your kitchen safer, your food tastier, and your prep time lesser, so they’re an investment well worth considering.

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