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The process of smoking foods has been used throughout human history to preserve a variety of different meats and other food products including fish and cheese. Indeed, at the start of the 21st century, the process of smoking food has become more popular. However, not everyone realises that there are a variety of different smoking techniques, especially the two main methods of hot smoking and cold smoking which are used for different foods and produce different outcomes. Furthermore, a variety of different foods are ideal for smoking, including meat, fish and dairy products. If you want to understand the process of smoking food, then you should consider learning about the two main methods which are used to smoke food.

Cold smoking

The process of cold smoking a number of different kinds of food is a traditional method of preparing such food while also preserving it for a long period of time. Indeed, a variety of different types of food can be infused with the smoky flavours that can be achieved by using this process. Indeed, meat can be cold smoked to preserve it, especially because the average temperature that is used in the process of cold smoking is much lower than that used for hot smoking. The main features of cold smoked food for sale are that they contain a highly concentrated, smoked flavour while they are also drier and saltier than other smoked food, meaning that this particular technique is perfect for food including bacon, ham, sausages, or any other types of cold meat.

Fish and cheese

Furthermore, cold smoking is considered as one of the best ways to preserve delicate foods, including fish and cheese because this particular process enhances the flavour profiles of such foods, while it is also a technique that is used to preserve such food for a significant amount of time. In addition, cold smoking can also be used for shellfish as well as dairy products while herbs and spices can also be dried using this technique to give them a unique smoked flavour.

Hot smoking

The other main method of smoking food is to use the process of hot smoking that creates a tender and juicy meat product. This particular technique is very different to cold smoking as it uses a much higher temperature of smoke for cooking the food while also infusing it with a variety of different distinct flavours including apple, hickory, oak or mesquite. Furthermore, hot smoking is the preferred preparation technique for chicken and meat on the bone, especially ribs or brisket as well as numerous other types of food which require a relatively long cooking time.

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