What You Should Have Cooked Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Each year Mother’s Day rolls around, encouraging us to celebrate and pay homage to the special women in our lives who have given so much and taken so little. Preparing an extra special meal on this day is a popular way of showing love and appreciation, but the stakes are understandably high. You want the meal to be perfect, just like your mother. If you feel like your recent effort didn’t quite hit the mark – not that your mother would ever admit it- and you want to improve on it next year, try one of the ideas below and unleash your inner chef.

Breakfast in Bed

If there’s one thing mothers don’t want to do on Mother’s Day, it’s cooking. After she’s had a well-deserved sleep-in, treat her to the traditional breakfast served to her in bed. This can be a fantastic opportunity to get the kids involved, but make sure you supervise properly! Popular favourites for this are scrambled eggs and pancakes, with a big glass of orange juice.


Italians know how to take care of family. That’s why there’s nothing better than a warm, home-cooked pasta dish to surprise Mom on her day. Spaghetti is a popular favourite, and is relatively simple to make, while lasagne is a great, hearty option if you celebrate this day in the southern hemisphere. There’s also some delicious and fresh cold pasta salad options to consider.


If your Mom has a sweeter tooth, try making some baked goods. This doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant, as of course, it’s the thought that counts. Does your Mom have a favourite type of cake? If you don’t know, now is the time to subtly find out. Cupcakes, brownies or scones are also tasty alternatives, as they’re easier to serve and perfect when friends come over. Serve this with some afternoon tea for a relaxing time outside.

Caramelized Banana Cheesecake

Mother’s day barbecue

Not so good with the stove? Perhaps the grill is your wheelhouse. A Mother’s Day barbeque can be a great function for the whole family to attend. Bring Grandma along as well! Food choices can range from sausages to beef patties, or if you’re feeling fancy, why not try some delicious grilled salmon or chicken breast? There’s nothing better than sitting outside with the scrumptious smell of grilled meat in the air. If you’re in the market for a new barbeque, check out specialist stores such as Barbeques Galore (barbequesgalore.com.au) for a wide range of options.



Quiches are a fun and easy food to make, but why not try it with a twist? You can use frozen waffles as a base for the quiche. From bacon to ground beef, these can be made with a meat of your choosing. Some people even like to season them with a bit of powdered sugar or syrup. Mom is sure to love them!


Take her out to Dinner

So you’ve failed at every Mother’s Day dinner plan so far? No sweat. Why not take her out for a delicious dinner at her favourite restaurant? You don’t need to break the bank, just make a reservation at a place she likes.

At the end of the day, your mother is bound to appreciate the organisation and effort you have put in, even if things go a little astray. Do you have a meal idea to share or a funny experience to recount? Share your tips and stories below.

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