We Really Do Eat with Our Eyes – Presentation is Everything

I suppose it applies more to those whose cooking exploits take more of a professional form than those of us who merely cook out of necessity, love and yes, fun, that being how presentation is perhaps just as important as how the food tastes. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that presentation is perhaps even more important than how the food tastes, quite simply because we do indeed eat with our eyes.

When you’re in a restaurant and you’re scanning the menu, it’s not your taste buds that ultimately have you settling on a certain dish, but rather your eyes and the same applies to walking into a bakery where an assortment of baked goodies are on offer. Well, in the case of a bakery your ultimate decision might be contributed to by your sense of smell as well, but chances are you don’t quite know exactly which baked delight in particular is filling the air with the enticing scent your nose is receiving. It could very well even be a sweet smell which doesn’t point to anything in particular, such as some ingredients which went into the baking of different delights.

Beyond the world of professional cooks and bakers though, the fact that we eat with our eyes still carries great significance. I mean it’s not a nice feeling having baked what are some delicious waffles for example, which you’ve tasted yourself and enjoyed, only to have them sitting untouched due to their appearance. So whether you own a corner bakery or a restaurant, or even if you operate something like a mobile food truck, the presentation of your culinary offerings will go a long way in getting people to actually taste them so that they can associate more than just one sense with their experience of them.

Fortunately though, these days you don’t have to invest too heavily in some commercial food preparation equipment in order to enjoy the advantage of being able to prepare food that might even surprise you by way of how “professional” it looks. For instance, you can take your pick from an assortment of waffle makers featuring different designs, designs which are naturally segmented along that characteristic pattern we often see on professionally prepared waffles. While there are many different waffle maker designs at the likes of http://www.expondo.co.uk/waffle-maker, you perhaps wouldn’t even have to invest in each of the different designs for the variety you’d naturally want. Some of the different patterns can be recreated by perhaps removing and repositioning the waffles as they’re baking.

That’s just one example of how you can equip even your own home kitchen with some tools that will make your culinary works that much more professional however – there are many more, such as incorporating special garnishes or even serving up your dishes in some restaurant-grade crockery.

In any attempts to bump up the presentation of your culinary offerings however, don’t forget to ensure the taste actually matches the appearance. Often the two go hand-in-hand however, in that something which looks really good often tastes just as good as well.

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