Top Reasons You Need to Cook From Scratch

Nutrition seems to be an aspect of life in which opinions vary drastically and facts about what is actually healthy for you change every day. With everything being unhealthy and everything causing cancer, it can be challenging to nail down a solid meal plan. This often leads to extreme frustration and disappointment when people try and change their diets to improve their health or lose weight and it doesn’t work.

The yoyo diet trend isn’t necessarily to the fault of those participating in the diet, it’s the fault of the professionals who either can’t agree on what is healthy, or know what is good for you and simply don’t care because they’d rather earn barrels of money than give you the nutrition you need to flourish and live a healthy life.

The personnel who run grocery chains honestly couldn’t care less about your health most of the time. It’s all a money making industry based on what is cheaper to present to customers and what will make them the most return in the long run. Not saying all grocery stores are evil, but they are a business, and they will sacrifice your health to make more money on their end.

Processed Food is Killing You

The biggest fault of grocery stores is the fact that everything short of produce sits in a cardboard box on a shelf for months at a time. You, in turn, buy that food designed to keep for eternity and then put it into your body and expect your body to know how to handle it.

If you operate by this lifestyle and struggle to lose weight or feel healthy, this is the reason. If you stop buying processed food and set out on a new life goal to make food in home and use non-GMO product and fresh produce, your life will be much better for it.

You Know Exactly What You’re Eating

When you have a lifestyle of eating out or buying pre-prepared meals or products from the grocery store, you have absolutely no idea what is in your food, and you don’t know what you’re putting into your body. In many cases, you’re ingesting the most unnatural of chemicals and substances that any right-in-the-brain person wouldn’t eat if they knew better.

When you cook home-made you automatically rule out that factor. You have the choice to put something in your body, and you can cook with substitutions. You can’t do this when you eat from a third party. Even if you buy your veggies and meat from a Bermuda grocery store for example, you will know exactly what you are buying and using to cook.

You’ll Spend Way Less Money

If you still aren’t convinced that you should make all your meals from scratch, you need to understand how much money you will save. When you buy from the store, you’re mostly paying for packaging and convenience. Not to mention, you are creating more trash. When you cook from scratch, you’re paying less for basic, bulk products.

Visit your local fresh farmers markets to get whole food on the daily. You will pay competitive prices for top quality, clean product. In addition to this, grow your own garden. This is the way people have done it for centuries. Why spend money on food when you don’t have to?

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