Tips For Making Perfect Gingerbread Biscuits

Here are some tips we have put together to help you to make those perfect gingerbread biscuits after carrying out a number of trials. Involve the whole family and make it a fun affair.

#1: Always chill the dough prior to rolling it out. It is a lot easier to work with the dough after refrigerating it for about an hour.

#2: It is a good idea to roll the dough either between baking parchment pieces or on a surface that is lightly dusted with icing sugar and flour mixture.

#3: Dust the biscuit cutters with flour so as to prevent dough from sticking to them.

#4: If you want to cut delicate or large shapes out of the dough, then you can roll them on baking parchment and save them so that they don’t fall out. Remove the scraps and slide the parchment on to a baking tray directly.

#5: Always allow the gingerbread to cool down completely before icing it.

#6: For men, women, girls and boys, simple glaze using milk and icing sugar works well most of the time. You can add a citrus zest or other extracts if you want to enhance its flavor.

#7: Add color to icing by using a paste or liquid food coloring material.

#8: Before the icing starts drying out, make sure that you add all the decorations. Some decoration ideas are: desiccated coconut, colored decorating sugar, hundreds and thousands, toasted flaked almonds, multicoloured nonpareils, dragées, dried currants, chocolate buttons and smarties.

#9: Allow the decorated biscuits to stand till the icing sets which may take about 2 hours.

#10: You can prepare gingerbread biscuits as many as 2 weeks ahead of your requirement. Store them in single layers in airtight containers in between greaseproof paper sheets.

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