There’s A Better Way To Tame Your Sweet Tooth

Are you addicted to sugar? Maybe you are, since there is so much sugar out there, even in foods you might not think would have sugar in them. In this sugar addicted world you may be gaining weight, feeling more tired than normal, and spending much of your time craving unhealthy foods.

Moreover, when sugar is consumed, it interacts with the bacteria in the plaque, producing acid. This acid causes tooth decay by slowly dissolving the enamel, resulting in holes or cavities in the teeth. Tooth decay can cause abscesses, which may necessitate dental extractions. This is one of the reasons why it is critical to limit sugar consumption as much as possible.

You can cut out the sugar in your diet, but it takes some work and it takes dedication. You’ll need to learn how to read labels and how to say “no” when it comes to sweets filled with unrefined sugars.

Sugar Substitutes

There is a ton of controversy out there about sugar itself, and then when you stack on the controversy over sugar substitutes it can make you wonder how you’ll ever soothe that sweet tooth again. It helps to take some time to research your sugar substitutes, and find ones that are actually natural.

One good option is stevia, which is a natural sugar substitute. This sweetener actually comes from a plant and was not simply created from chemicals in a factory. You can also sweeten with things like honey and even fresh fruit.

Eating Sugar In Moderation

Since things like loafed bread contain sugar, it can be difficult to totally cut sugar out of your diet, unless you are making everything from scratch in your own home. That aside, you can cut down greatly by not buying things like junk food that are filled with sugar, and by cutting out soda from your diet.

You’ll still be getting some sugar, but not the outrageous amounts that you would be getting eating cakes and cookies on a daily basis. Consider doing more cooking in home, as well, so you can control how much, and what type of, sugar goes in the foods you eat.

Only Natural Sugars, Please

Need to feed that sweet tooth? Put away the cookies and candy bars and switch to a natural diet. You can get all the natural sugars you need to cure the common sweet tooth with fruits and berries.

Fill your general diet with fresh fruit and you’ll never have a sweet tooth again. Fruit is healthy and full of vitamins and nutrients that do all sorts of good things for your body. Plus, you won’t be having the addiction is, or the weight gain one, that you get with refined sugar.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying something sweet, as long as you realize what it could be doing to your body. Make wiser food choices and you’ll be healthier and happier for a longer time. Plus, you’ll reap the benefits of a fresher and healthier diet.

Teach your children to make wiser sweet choices as well, and they’ll be happy to pick fruit over candy every day.

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