The Best Foods to Eat When You Have to Drive a Long Distance

If you find yourself driving long distances, and need to keep your stomach full and happy, you will want to eat foods that are going to fill you up, give you the energy you need to drive, and allow you to stay focused. However, it is also important that you are not eating anything too heavy that is going to make you feel tired, drowsy, and want to go to bed. You should select foods that will give you the carbs and energy you need, but are not too rich. Here are some of the best choices to make when you know you will be driving your car for a distance, and need to stay alert.


Salads can be filling and give you all the nutrients you need to get through the day. Thanks to having ingredients that mainly consist of vegetables and fruit, they are not overly filling, and thus will not make you feel tired and ready for a nap. You can choose to add protein in the form of cheese or meat. You don’t want to add too much, but it will be helpful in giving you the energy you need to stay awake and functioning properly.


Smoothies can be cool and refreshing, and made with a blend of fruits, vegetables, and usually a dairy base. The dairy is often yogurt, milk or something simple that makes it easy to drink quickly. This unique mixture will give you all the energy you need without making you feel tired. You can even drink it as you drive, and not have to worry about sitting down to enjoy it. The cool taste smoothies are known for is an additional bonus, and will do wonders when it comes to keeping you awake before you reach your next destination.

Nutrition Bars or Protein Bars

Athletes love to eat protein bars, because they give them the carbs and energy they need to stay focused on working out or playing a game, but do not make them tired in the process. They are easy to eat, and can be consumed on the go, making them an ideal choice for individuals who have to go places and are facing a long drive in front of them. They come in all different flavors, and are simple and effective when it comes to having a filling-but not overwhelming-meal on the go.

There are many different choices on the market when you need a meal that is great at giving you energy, but won’t make you tired or feel like taking a nap. Salads, smoothies, and protein bars are all wonderful choices, since they are light on the stomach, and don’t involve heavy or filling foods. In fact, the items mentioned above are often the choice meal for many athletes, and will work in a similar manner for anyone else, by providing them the energy they need without making them sleepy, even if you are driving long distances.

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