Small Appliances You Need in Your Kitchen

Whether you are an experienced chef or just beginning to dabble in the culinary arts, there are a few kitchen gadgets that are going to make masterpiece creations a breeze. According to Smart Prepaid Electric, with versatile kitchen appliances, you can get exceptional flavors and experience creative freedom in your kitchen. Here are the small kitchen appliances you need in your kitchen.

Stand Mixer

These amazing devices come in a beautiful range of colors, but they do far more than act as a focal piece of kitchen decoration. They have the potential to become your own personal sous chef and unleash more potential in your culinary creations. Stand mixers allow you to create cookies without overdeveloping the gluten in the flour, and knead bread dough into perfection. You can also create your own pasta, sausage, and ice cream with the mixer attachments to escape a cooking rut.

Coffee Maker

If you wake up in the morning wanting nothing more than a cup of coffee, and nothing less than having to make it, you need a coffee maker in your life. Quality need not be sacrificed! Newer and more energy-efficient models are preparing many different kinds of quality coffee. Set it at night and be motivated to get out of bed with the promise of a freshly brewed cup waiting for you.

Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are like the coffee makers of gourmet food. Slap the raw ingredients in before heading to work, then come home to a delicious dinner eight hours later. You get the convenience of take-out, without the extra costs and processed food. Slow cookers also give you the freedom to really experiment and find amazing combinations of roasted meats with vegetables, spices, or casserole layers.

Water Purifier

If you drink water daily, as you should, it would be wise to invest in a Quality Water Purifier. Buying bottled water can be expensive in the long run and it’s not great for the environment either, but drinking straight from the tap means water could be filled with who knows what. A water purifier is a great way to keep hydrated and drink the best water possible.


Blenders aren’t just for smoothies. Bring the perfection of homemade marinara sauce to your table. Impress your friends with gorgeous margaritas, or crushed ice for elevating any cocktail at your next party.

Food Processor

While pulverizing liquids is a job best left to the blender, a food processor is perfect for chopping and creating thicker concoctions, like dip for chips, crackers, bread, or other types of snack and appetizer mixes.

Toaster Oven

A great toaster oven is one of those underrated appliances that will definitely boost your cooking. Rather than merely making toast, it performs like a mini standard oven. Bake smaller batches of food without heating up the entire kitchen or wasting excess energy. They are perfect for entertaining when you want to pull an extra oven out of thin air.

Espresso Machine

Espresso machines might seem like an indulgence, and indeed, they might be, but they are an essential if you drink coffee-shop drinks more than a couple times a week. If you’re buying a four dollar espresso drink daily, you’re spending 120 dollars monthly. Coffee addicts will see an espresso machine pay for itself in under a year. In addition, the quality of the drinks is comparable to that of the professional coffee shops.

Energy Efficiency

These appliances are going to increase food quality, make cooking more fun, and even save money in the long run. According to Smart Prepaid Electric, keep in mind the importance of investing in an energy efficient model. If it has the Energy Star label, it will use up less phantom energy (energy expended when the appliance isn’t actually being used) and run beautifully with a much smaller dent in your electric bill.

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