Real Mexican Food You Should Try

The history of Mexican food stretches back well over a thousand years. Before there was Mexican food, there was its precursor, Aztec food. According to Del Mar Escapes and luxury hotspot Club 96, the Aztecs occupied modern day Mexico, and were the first ones to till the ground and experiment with different seeds, plants, and foods. Mexico has a rich culinary tradition, and once you sample some of the staples of their food, chances are you will have no desire to go back to the fast food choices that many people settle for today. Here is just a small sampling of some of the foods Mexican cuisine has to offer that you simply must try.

Aztec Food

Mexico owes a great deal of its culinary history to their Aztec ancestors. The Aztecs were the first group of people to domesticate corn, which can be ground up to make one of the major staples of Mexican food, the tortilla. Other parts of the Aztec diet included beans, squash, chilies, tomatoes, limes, cashews, potatoes, and chocolate. A number of foods and drinks developed and invented by the Aztecs are still eaten today. This includes mixiotes, which is a bundle of food that is wrapped in the maguey plant leaf. Another must-have is the chocolate drink with corn and peppers called atole, something that is still widely popular today.

Mexican Food

The Mexicans have expanded on the rich culinary history of their ancestors to include some excellent dishes of their own. One dish that is becoming increasingly popular is chilaquiles, which is tortillas lightly fried, and smothered with green or red sauce, then mixed with white cheese, raw onions, epazote, and sour cream. After trying Mexican food at many different locations, such as the backyard taco restaurant, I can now say I am a BIG fan.

Mole’ is a food that is popular at social gatherings and is made with a blend of peanuts, salt, and bread along with ground up fried chilies and boiled chocolate. The dish is then topped off with several spices, including oregano, thyme, and solid black pepper. Most people finish the dish off with cinnamon and bananas.

Fruta con chile is a simple item that almost anyone can prepare. All you do is grab a mango, sprinkle a liberal dose of chili powder on it, then squeeze a fresh lime over the top. Add more types of fruit as desired for more varied flavors. The taste has been a Mexican sensation for many years on almost every street corner and has been a popular dish south of the border for centuries.

A Michelada is a Mexican native alcoholic drink. This unique concoction consists of a spicy blend of chili sauces mixed with a stout beer. This has been a popular fiesta drink for hundreds of years.

Tamales are something that is distinctly Mexican and has been a great addition to many a Hispanic merchant’s income over the years. Who hasn’t seen a man pushing a cart yelling out, “Tamales! Tamales!” in one movie or another? Wrapped in maize, a tamale on the inside can consist of either chicken, jalapenos, or bean paste, and a wealth of various spices.

Pozole is the traditional soup that Mexico is famous for. Typical pozole will have hominy, radishes, and cabbage with a liberal dose of lime.

So what are you waiting for? These and plenty of other unique and delicious Mexican dishes are waiting for you to try! Ask your friends if they know of any good local authentic Mexican restaurants, and try some of these unique dishes for yourself!

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