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Worktops have the power to completely transform the look and feel of kitchens, so if you’re revamping your existing cooking space or you’re creating one from scratch, it’s worthwhile putting plenty of thought into the material you

French Oven or Dutch Oven?

If you are like most people, you are probably confused over the difference between a French oven and a Dutch oven, as you have heard these terms used interchangeably for the same thing. In this article we

Symptoms of an egg allergy to watch out for

Egg allergy is a condition that develops when your body’s immune system overreacts to egg protein. If you are allergic to eggs, your body sees protein from eggs as a foreign invader and as a result, sends

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It can be all too easy in modern life to get stuck in a rut with work and day-to-day tasks. But throwing a party for your friends and acquaintances is a surefire way to feel good about

5 ‘Health Foods’ that Are Not Healthy At All

We all have some perception of what’s healthy and what’s not. However, because of our surroundings and what’s been taught to us for so long, we may have had the wrong idea about certain ‘health’ foods. Let’s

Why ‘The Great Sport Relief Bake Off’ Needs To Be A More Regular Addition To Television Schedules

For baking fans such as ourselves, there are few things more satisfying than trying a recipe over and over again, only to create a cake, bun, pie or dessert that is pretty much perfect. The televisual equivalent

What is the easiest way to make organic homemade ice cream?

Are you one of those people who could eat ice cream all year round? Do you know that an average person eats 22 quarts of ice cream per year? Store-bought ice creams have all sorts of chemicals,

Iced Coffee Recipe

Have you ever bought a new brand of coffee, brewed your first cup of the stuff, smelt the gorgeous familiar aroma and then been disgusted after your first sip? If not, you are one of the lucky

Cocktail party catering tips to impress your guests

In France, widely acknowledged to be the home of many things chic and stylish, the equivalent to having a cocktail party is hosting ‘un apéro’ – when you invite your guests for drinks and snacks in those

Foods to Calm an Upset Stomach

It may seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes the best thing for an upset stomach is more food…though obviously not too much more. Here are few simple medicines you can get over-the-counter – that is, over your grocery store’s