No-Bake Parties (Yes, We Went There)

Throwing a no-bake party is easy, if you know the right bakery to supply you with what you need! Every baker needs a party off once in awhile. If you’ve just managed to survive the holiday season and are facing a slew of birthdays around the corner, it might be wise to outsource your baking for just a few parties so that you can re-group.

Choosing a bakery isn’t easy, but it’s a whole lot easier if you follow the advice of your fellow cake and cookie aficionados. Using a brand new service online, you can read people’s input and advice and find the ultimate bakery to rely on. When you’re running out of energy and don’t have time to wait for that bread to rise, just log on to your computer or sign into the mobile Groupon app and find the bakery that works best for you.

It’s not rocket science. Using Groupon’s newest feature, you can read user reviews and weed out the bakeries that just won’t work for your planned party. We’ve all been there. You ask for “Please write ‘Happy Birthday’ on the cake,” and get just that, “Please write ‘Happy Birthday’ on the cake!” Well, take advantage of other customers’ reviews so that you don’t get tricked into relying on the wrong bakery to get an important job done. Nothing’s worse than showing up to a party sheepishly with the icing scraped off of a cake and replaced with a thin layer of store-bought junk.

In addition to the review feature, the new Groupon site also offers contact information, a full menu, and operating hours. But the best feature is that not only will you save time, but the site will help you save money, too. Groupon regularly offers coupons and discounts on the site, such as almost 50% off right now.

It’s okay to take a party or two off- you’re meant to enjoy your loved one’s birthdays, too, not just serve as their on-call baker. Let someone else do the baking for a change, so you can have your cake and eat it, too.

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