How to Save Money During an Airbnb Stay

Booking an Airbnb can be a cost-effective way to spend a vacation.

Without the overheads of a traditional hotel, there are deals to be had on Airbnb for thrifty travelers.

This is not to mention the other benefits of staying at an Airbnb. Many travelers choose to stay in an Airbnb because they are often unique, homely, offer a boutique feel, and provide more privacy than a traditional hotel.

You can connect with the host yourself, who is usually extremely helpful and friendly, helping you to settle into your home for the duration of your trip. They will often offer tips and hints for things to do in the local area.

How to Save When Booking and During Your Trip

There are several tips and tricks to help save a little cash when booking your trip with Airbnb.

Negotiate With the Host

Many people try to save a little money by negotiating with the host directly and bypassing Airbnb’s fees. Airbnb adds processing fees that essentially take money away from the host and drive up the price slightly.

Some hosts are receptive to receiving offers to negotiate prices separate from Airbnb as this is a win-win for you and the host.

However, you run the risk of merely annoying the host with this tactic.

Refer Friends

You can refer friends to Airbnb. When they book, you can receive up to $30 in credit to use later. This is a relatively simple way to shave off a bit of the cost of your next homestay experience.

If you know a friend looking to book an Airbnb, reach out to them to let them know to book through your referral. They’ll be grateful to hear that they can replicate the savings from somebody else!

Book Longer Stays

Many hosts offer built-in percentage discounts for those booking longer stays.

These automatically trigger when booking either week-long or month-long stays. Monthly discounts can sometimes be near 50% – great for those looking to stay in one location for an extended period!

Filter Your Search

This one’s a non-brainer – take your time to properly use the search features to filter out more expensive places.

You can set a maximum price and see only the cheapest stays. Also, try looking a little outside the most touristy areas – prices tend to come down further away from tourist centers.

During Your Stay

There are numerous ways to save money during your Airbnb stay, too.

Depending on where you’re staying, make use of public transport deals. Many cities now offer cheap bicycle rental schemes to help you get around.

Many people are feeling the pinch with restaurant prices skyrocketing. Why not make the most of kitchen facilities during your stay to cook meals at home. Order your shopping online to get delivered to your Airbnb.

Instacart lets you get whatever you want from local stores, delivered directly to your door. This is a budget-friendly alternative to eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while traveling.

You can save even more money with an Instacart promo code to help bring down the price of your shop.

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