How To Run a Successful Coffee Shop

These days, no matter where you live, it seems like you can find a Starbucks on every corner. You know that wherever you go, no matter where in the world, if you go into a Starbucks, your latte is going to taste exactly the same as anywhere else. While this is an excellent business model, it’s not necessarily the best coffee shop for everyone.

While it’s cozy atmosphere appeals to some, its corporate marketing and cookie cutter atmosphere turn off subculture coffee drinkers. So the question is, how do you appeal to the mass market as well as the “hip” coffee drinkers.

When it comes to a coffee shop that stands out as a success, here are the factors that you need to aim for.

Location, Location, Location

You can have the best coffee in the world, but if you aren’t in an area of foot traffic, the people aren’t going to go out of their way to find you. In some cases, businesses can thrive in a less than ideal environment if their product is unique, but when there are so many options for coffee, it’s going to be hard to drive your customers to a remote area. They’d rather opt for something conveniently located which is around their work or home.

Opt for a location that is near shopping. Most often people like to enjoy a cup after a shopping session. Equally as beneficial for location is somewhere near a lot of businesses. People getting to work or leaving like to have a coffee shop en route.

“Home-like” Seating

You have to be able to offer your customers more than just a few tables and chairs. One of the appeals of a great coffee shop is that it is a home away from home. By offering seating that emulates a living room, you make your customers feel totally at ease and comfortable, as if they are at home rather than in a place of business.

Consider a nice couch facing additional seating with a low coffee table in between. This living room environment encourages conversation.

Offer High-Quality Products

At the end of the day no matter how cute your coffee shop is, if your product is terrible, you have no credibility. You must have high quality and strong roasted coffee available and a staff that is trained on exactly how to describe it. Obviously, having high quality coffee is one thing, but you also need the machine to make it. If you’re just starting your shop, looking into things such as used espresso machines to save money on good quality machines. This way, you can ensure you always provide good quality coffee as it’s brewed with a commercial machine!

You must also be up to the task of being able to achieve outstanding milk art. You need a staff of baristas that are capable of creating beautiful latte’s and cappuccinos. Being able to provide a beautiful cup of coffee on top of it being tasty is an industry standard these days.

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