How to perfectly ice your cake

Making a cake can be fun and enjoyable. While many people feel that baking the actual cake is the hardest part, icing the cake is actually the part that is the most difficult and takes the most preparation time. This is because when someone sees a cake, the first thing that they notice is how it is iced. If a cake is iced beautifully, it will be inviting and appealing to the eye. If a cake is poorly iced, it will not be very appealing and many people will feel that it will not tasted very good because it is poorly decorated. Therefore, you must take the time to perfectly ice your cake. One alternative is to take notice of the way that New Cakes perfectly ices their cakes.

Make Sure It’s Properly Cooled

Icing a warm cake is one of the worst things that you can do. The reason is that it can cause the cake to crack and crumble. It can also prevent you from being able to easily ice the cake. The frosting will heat up and not adhere properly to the cake. It can run off of the cake and smear. Because of this, your cake will become an absolute disaster. That is why it is so important to make sure that your cake is properly cooled. You should cool your cake in the pan for at least five to ten minutes before removing it from the pan. Then, you should transfer the cake to a metal cooling rack and let it finish cooling completely. Using a cooling rack allows the air to distribute evenly and reduced the amount of time for cooling the cake.

Why a Crumb Coat is Important

Using a crumb coat can be a critical factor when icing a cake. A crumb coat is usually a light coating of buttercream or whipped topping such as Pastry Pride that is spread over the entire cake prior to putting the actual icing or fondant on the cake. The crumb coating ensures that crumbs will not come off of the cake while you are icing it. It also prevents any crumbs from getting into the icing and all over the entire cake. Once the cake is crumb coated, it should be placed in the refrigerator or the freezer for a few hours to ensure that the crumb coating layer is completely set before you placed the final layer of icing on the cake.

Using the Proper Utensils

Using the proper utensils to ice your cake is also very important. This ensures that you will have a smooth surface across the entire cake. This is because it is important not to have any unnecessary, cuts, lines or grooves in the frosting unless you are trying to create a texture finish. In this instance, you would use a special tool to create this type of effect. Have you ever noticed how the cakes from New Cakes are beautifully decorated? You should have a clean or new pastry bag and tips to use when applying any decorations to the cake. This will prevent any unnecessary colors from being mixed into your frosting. Most of all, you should have lots of patience and not rush your job. Take your time and you will avoid making any crucial mistakes. This will help you to perfectly ice and decorate your beautiful cake that you have worked so very hard to create.

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