How To Make The Perfect Fudge

Fudge has a delicious combination of butter, milk, sugar and flavors like white chocolate, chocolate, butterscotch, walnut and peanut. The trick is to combine these ingredients and cook them properly. You will then get a firm, smooth and creamy, but pliable fudge.

Here are a few tips to help you not only avoid grainy as well as crystallized fudge, but also make batches with different flavors so that you can surprise friends and family.

#1: Follow the directions correctly. Make use of a sugar thermometer that is accurate. Heat the mixture to the temperatures specified in the recipe. Each ingredient shall only be added as listed in the recipe.

Never try to make fudge smooth by stirring it vigorously once it reaches 115 degrees Celsius or soft-ball stage. If stirred at an inappropriate time, it can produce large crystals of sugar. If the sugar crystals are small, the fudge will be smooth and melts in the tongue.

#2: Stir the fudge only after it cools down to 43 degrees Celsius. When you pour the fudge into the tin from the saucepan, never scrape either the bottom or sides of saucepan. Beginners must look out for recipes that use evaporated milk or cream. This is because these are not likely to curdle as much as regular milk.

#3: For best results, make use of a heavy saucepan with high sides. This is to say that it should hold at least twice the quantity of the fudge recipe. Moreover, scorching is less likely to happen when using a heavy pan. The extra space will prevent boil-overs.

#4: Prepare well and get all the equipment ready prior to starting. Once you start the process, you cannot stop it in between. If you stop, the batch will be ruined. Therefore, butter the tins, test your sugar thermometer and measure the ingredients before turning on the hob. The thermometer can be tested by boiling water in a pan and inserting the thermometer. The thermometer should read 100 degrees Celsius.

Use good equipment and faithfully follow the directions. You will end up making great fudge every time.

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