How to choose a wooden worktop that suits your style

Worktops have the power to completely transform the look and feel of kitchens, so if you’re revamping your existing cooking space or you’re creating one from scratch, it’s worthwhile putting plenty of thought into the material you select for your counters. Solid wood is a classic choice. Robust and naturally elegant, it can complement virtually any kitchen – from traditional designs to contemporary spaces. But deciding which sort of timber would work best in your home can be tricky. To help you achieve the results you’re after, take a look at this brief guide to choosing a wooden worktop that suits your sense of style.

Dark and dramatic

If you like to make a statement with your d├ęcor, forget understated worktops that blend into the background. Instead, you’ll want something that really stands out and grabs people’s attention. Dark, dramatic timbers tend to be best for this, and American walnut is a great example. Countertop specialists Worktop Express point out that this material has an unusual grain pattern and is naturally striking. Dark in its original state, it gets even deeper in colour over time.

Another option is black oak. As its name suggests, this material is nearly black in colour. It is darkened using a special treatment process that is designed to maintain and preserve its natural qualities. Meanwhile, wenge is also perfect if you want your worktops to have real visual impact. With its dark brown grain pattern, it has a luxurious appearance. Bear in mind that dramatic materials like these tend to work best in contemporary kitchens that are spacious and bright.

Well! If you want to look for some other materials like marble, granite, and quartz, you may check here to know about the costs, durability, and advantages. Though the wooden worktop is quite new and is in trend, still if you someone an old-school kind of person, you’d most probably prefer having a granite countertop, rather than the wooden one.

Warm and homely

If you’d prefer to create a homelier, warmer look in this part of your property, rich, honey coloured timbers could be ideal. For example, oak is a truly timeless choice. Alternatively, for something a little more unusual but equally attractive, perhaps iroko would work perfectly in your cooking area. This wood starts off golden in colour and gradually matures into a rich bronze. These lighter materials are hugely versatile and can work in kitchens of all sizes and styles.

Practical and eco-friendly

Another option is bamboo, and this could be especially good if you want to showcase your household’s eco-friendly credentials. One of the most sustainable materials available, this fast growing wood can be harvested every five to six years. As well as being environmentally sound, these solutions can look superb. With their caramel hues, they are highly versatile and can be used in traditional or contemporary design schemes.

Whichever wood you go for, make sure you look after your new worktops. Natural timber can be extremely robust and long-lasting, but it’s important that you follow the care instructions.

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