How a Male Would Go About Building the Man Kitchen!

Thinking about it, not too long back, the kitchen was viewed as the female’s neck of the woods as can be heard in the first line of a famous Bill Haley song, which goes “Get out in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans.” Those days have indeed passed and along with the bright coloured frilly aprons and pastel coloured fridges, the archetypal 50s’ housewife has now become a relic of a bygone era.

  • Nowadays, how things have changed! From the likes of self-sufficient single men and women, to equal couples, to those wannabe television celebrity male chefs, there are now more men than ever before who are cooking up a storm of great food for themselves and for the ones that they love.

So, what exactly are we looking at here? Let’s begin with:

Individual Style

There’s no room for countryside pictures or ducks and cats, as the kitchen that most men like to work in are sleek, modern, and individual and waiting there ready for any fellow to just dive straight into, and get some great food sorted out!

Cool, but Warm!

When you see a “masculine” kitchen, you will discover a few things that nearly all of them have in common, and that is a sense of warmth (via using wood, copper, or stainless steel furnishings) and also some industrial style feels to them.

Fitted kitchens in Wiltshire are setting a modern tone to cooking, which has never been seen before and definitely looks set to stay.

  • And when it comes to paint, darker shades are favoured, and you will never see the likes of bright reds, oranges, blues and greens being put to use.

At Least 30% More!

The kitchen remodeling business has certainly heard the call and is fully responding to fellows in aprons, because, the cost of the kitchen will be at least 30% more than if a female makes the same choice.

  • This has helped to create some wonderful new kitchen designs!

Raised Counters

Most kitchens catered to women in the past and because most males are taller than females, it makes good sense to have one that is elevated.

  • If husband and wife both love to cook, a second lower counter can be installed.

Power Galore

Heavy-duty ranges, exhaust systems, and dishwashers would all look the part and with the range. If you don’t already have these systems set up don’t worry, an electrician can do that for you quite easily (more info here). They are well worth it, as these appliances can turn your kitchen into a powerhouse of food. However, select a high enough hood which has been designed for high smoke clearance! (But not too high as to be ineffective). Although the kitchen exhaust hood provides good smoke clearance, it is essential to ensure that it is not dirty or blocked, since it can put your entire building at risk of fire. It is highly unlikely that you will encounter this issue when you have a routine maintenance program in place for your exhaust system, from companies such as Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service in Venice, FL, or one in your area.
Modern Entertainment

Speaking of electrics, a cool wireless sound system and smart TV can be part of any man’s kitchen and would all be easily controlled via a single remote control or his smartphone. Universal remotes are a thing now apparently, when 20 years ago we were still wishing we didn’t have so many remotes in the living room-one for the TV, one for the speaker, one for the VCR, one for the kids…just joking! Make sure you have enough power sockets to go around, otherwise you’ll have extension cables everywhere and that’s not manly.

Tough Surfaces

When it comes to the material for counters, the likes of low-maintenance quartz and other engineered stone products, which are stain and scratch-resistant, in uniform and usually darker colors would fit the bill.

  • Old fashioned speckled, remains at the back of the kitchen shop!

Alright all you gents out there, get rattling those pots and pans!

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