Healthy Chinese Chow Mein Recipes

Chinese Chow Mein is a famous street-food in Singapore and has its roots in the North and West district of the city. The name Chinese Chow Mein comes from the phrase” Chow mein” which means “leftovers”. They are deep-fried noodles and served with vegetables and meat in Chinese restaurants. They are made from wheat flour, soybean oil and egg white, which provide for a high fiber and protein content. This meal is quick to prepare and easy to digest.

If you are looking for a high-nutrient food, Chinese Chow Mein is the way to go. The secret to eating it right is by preparing it correctly. Unlike other dim sum recipes, Chinese chow mein recipes cook quickly. You can serve it as soon as possible. However, be sure that your ingredients are fresh before serving it.

To make a Chinese Chow mein recipe, first you will need: large bowl; two teaspoons of white soy milk; three tablespoons of chicken broth; three tablespoons of chicken stock; two teaspoons of ginger juice; one tablespoon of sesame oil. In a large bowl, stir in the chicken broth, ginger juice, sesame oil and the chicken stock until they become smooth. Add the noodles and cover them. Cook for seven to eight minutes. When done, remove the noodles and serve with the chicken broth and ginger juice. Add the sugar and serve immediately.

This dish is rich in nutrients, especially the carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. It is because of these factors that it is considered as a healthy chow mein. This is because it contains low calories and high fiber. As you no longer need to take high calorie and high fat foods to get the nutrients you need, you are able to eat more without feeling hungry and craving for food. Because of these factors, you are able to lose more weight and gain a healthier body weight in just twenty-five to thirty minutes.

Although Chinese Chow mien recipes require only a minimal prep time, some people do not have time to spare to make these dishes at home. In this case, it is suggested that you purchase your ingredients from Chinese food stores, because these Chinese ingredients are pre-prepared. Since these ingredients are already cut into small pieces, you are able to cook the recipes faster.

Another way to make chow mein noodles recipe as a healthier option is by using a large skillet instead of a wok. A large skillet is able to heat up faster and provides more room to cook the ingredients. You can place all the ingredients in one skillet and cook them together. If the recipe calls for wok or pot, then you can transfer all the ingredients to the large skillet and gently mix them together. Then, you can finish cooking the recipe by adding few drops of soy sauce and sugar to increase the taste of the dish. It is advised to serve your family healthy foods, so be sure to check and adjust the ingredients in your recipe when necessary.

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