Does sexy sell it? Not really

You might have heard of “food porn”, no not actual porn from websites. The only sugar buns you’ll see there is… never mind. No the definition of food porn is food presentation turned sexual. Dripping maple syrup, men and women teasing burgers on their tongues before taking a bite, juicy slabs of meat, no wonder it’s called porn sometimes.

As you might understand, food porn is actually quite different than actual animation (like Cartoon Porno) or video porno. The former is more suggestive in its way to portray the role of food in teasing and playing with partners. You may not be seeing nude content but something that is more open-ended and leaves the audience spinning their own tales.

But it turns out people aren’t at all influenced by sexy food adverts. they may look tempting but they don’t seem to have any lasting effect on consumers. Research has suggested that in actual fact we are not quite as susceptible to this kind of advertising as the food industry seems to think we are. So what makes you buy? Are your shopping habits dictated by cost and quality, rather than juicy buns?

Personally for me, like 52% of the people questioned its quality of products, which encourages my purchasing decisions and of course availability. I admit that sometimes when I see a seductive advert like those from M&S I do feel a twang of temptation, but by the time I go shopping I’ve forgotten completely about the product. Looking into what tempts shoppers into stores, My Voucher Codes who specialise in money saving vouchers for your weekly shop, investigated to see what actually gets peoples juices going.

  • Quality – 52%
  • Availability – 39%
  • Selection and choice of products – 35%
  • Customer service – 23%
  • Advertisements – 18%
  • Welfare standards – 12%

So will we start seeing the end of these food porn style adverts, will we also stop seeing Instagram filling up with food porn photos? Who knows, but considering how low down advertising comes in the list when we go shopping, maybe supermarkets are actually just wasting their money on these types of campaigns.

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