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Autumn represents one of the most exciting times of the year when it comes to the variety of fresh produce available and the meals that can be created from it. It’s also a time when meals can be a little richer, heavier and wholesome as we head away from the light, tangy refreshing flavours of summer. So as the days grow shorter and the cold creeps in, here is a little meal inspiration to make the most of autumn.


With vegetables such as pumpkin, leek, potato, celeriac and sweet potato all coming into season, it’s a great opportunity to create some earthy and heart warming soups. Vegetable soups are great all year round but the chill of autumn and winter sees a craving for soups that warm the heart and soul.

There’s also nothing nicer than coming home to a house filled with aromas of a healthy soup bubbling away on the stove. Consider vegetable soup, sweet potato and pumpkin soup or potato and leek soup. With sweet corn also in season, it’s a great opportunity to pack some nutrients into the family with chicken and sweet corn soup prior to the onslaught of cold and flu season.


Roasts are a fabulous family staple, but with many nut varieties now literally falling from the trees, it’s time to think of encrusting and stuffing your roasts and meats.

Roasts aren’t just the family fare of the 1950s either. They can be truly spectacular culinary delights. It’s worth having a great oven to create a great roast and if you’re after a little oven inspiration, then check out the websites of kitchen appliance specialists such as ASKO.

For some great autumn flavours, consider pesto encrusted lamp cutlets or chestnut stuffed chicken or pork loin. Or if it’s seafood you’re after, what about pistachio encrusted salmon?

Quick meals

Great cooking doesn’t have to equal hours spent in the kitchen so if you’re after some quick meals incorporating seasonal produce, then here are some swift options.


Lamb with pumpkin, olive, feta and roast cherry tomato couscous is quick to prepare, as is chicken risotto with pumpkin, mushrooms and asparagus. If a baked meal is more to the heart’s desire then use up the eggplants and potatoes with a tasty Greek moussaka.


Apples are at their optimum as the chill fills the air, so apple crumbles and pies are a great option for autumn. Combine it with rhubarb for a traditional treat or add a little variety by combing pears in the mix.

Quince is from the same family as apples and pears, and autumn also sees this underrated fruit in season. Poached, in jelly, in a tarte tatin or combined with blueberries in a cake, quince is a seasonal delight.

These days, most ingredients are available all year round, but nothing quite beats the fresh flavours and nutrients of seasonal cooking. Enjoying seasonal fare is also a great way of connecting with your local produce and taking advantage of all the changing elements that autumn has to offer.

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