5 Ways to Make Your Grocery Shopping Easier

None of us have enough hours in a day, so anything we can do to simplify our weekly chores is a good thing. Here are 5 ways to spend less time on shopping and more time enjoying life with your family.

1. Get Your Kitchen Organised

Have a good sort through your store cupboard and fridge and throw out anything that is out of date or you never use. Then organise the cupboards so that you group types of food together and so you can see when you are running low on anything. That way it takes a quick glance through the cupboard to know what you need to add to your shopping list for the week.

2. Plan Your Meals

It might seem boring and lacking in spontaneity, but meal planning for the week ahead can really save time on a day to day basis and it can also prevent you from wasting food.

Meal planning is also a healthy choice as, if you have shopped for all the necessary ingredients, you are much more likely to stick to the meal choice for that day. Otherwise you might rush in late from work, not have a clue what you are going to cook, and end up ordering a takeaway – again.

3. Write a Shopping List

When you go to the supermarket you need to be super organised so that you know what you want to buy. This will save time and it will also save money, as you will end up only buying exactly what you need. Another tip is to never go food shopping when you are hungry, as then every single item on the shelves looks great and much more than you need ends up in your trolley.

4. Consider Shopping Online

A way to get more variety in your shop is to look online. This doesn’t mean just the usual suspects of the big supermarket stores, but also consider some other more specialist sites. The Good Grub People offer not only a range of grass-fed meat but also ready-meals, seafood and even desserts. Purchasing from artisan suppliers means that the quality is high and you get a wide choice of options. Shopping online also means that you can find great deals and discounts on your purchases at stores like Target using coupons and promo codes from Raise and other such sites. This can help with budgeting and also means that you could afford to opt for the more luxurious brands when out buying supplies.

5. Watch Out for Offers

Once you have your store cupboard organised and you are in the zone of planning your meals for the week, you can look out for offers. The best way to save money is to only purchase bulk options on items that you need all the time. For example, if your favourite brand of tea-bag is half price, stock up. You can do this because you know that ultimately you will use everything you have purchased.

However, be more wary when the savings are offered on items that are new to you, that have a very short shelf-life or that you use rarely. It might seem like a great bargain but if you can’t eat it before the date runs out, you are literally throwing money away.

Follow these five tips and you will soon be looking forward to the weekly shop. Not only will you save money, but you have time to experience some great new recipes.



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