5 Fantastic Lockdown Gifts

Are you looking for a great lockdown gift for your loved one? There is that satisfying feeling that you get upon giving out a gift. This article expounds on some fantastic gifts suitable for the lockdown.

1. Petalon

Flowers never go out of fashion. People give flowers on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or just wishing someone a great day. They are an excellent way to put a smile on your loved one’s face and brighten up their premise for a few hours, especially during these lockdown moments. When sending out Petalon flowers, check the recipients’ tastes and preferences to give something they like. You can choose from two packages with two seasonal bouquets and have them delivered to your desired destination. Get the package for only £42.

2. Patch Plants

What offers more durability than flowers? Plants! You can get your loved one potted Patch plants and give them a chance to brighten their home. Most people get some level of satisfaction by tending to plants and caring for pets. The pots available at Patch are elegant, presentable, and can fit in any part of the home, indoors and outdoors. Get them for only £6.

3. Books

A book gives an exciting trip to the writer’s land and imagination hence creating that ideal escapism. If you have a friend that loves books, you can always get books from a reputable service like Books That Matter. With a wide range of books from fantasy to self-improvement genre, you can get them a subscription package and let them choose what they love. Usually, such providers have subscription packages starting from £17 monthly and £45 for three months.

4. Self-care Kit

Since most of the time is spent indoors, self-care is inevitable. You can get your loved one a self-care kit from renowned providers such as Haeckels and pick a suitable one. They make some of the best soaps and lotions to make the skin glow and rejuvenate itself. Made from the most natural means and without chemicals, these packages are ideal for most skins. For surety, you can talk to these providers’ representatives and know the self-care gift sets they have. Get the package for £55.

5. Brownies

What’s more fantastic than savouring that fudgy brownie? You can share that taste with your friends by ordering some brownies from a great baker like Bad Brownie. These brownies come in different flavours, such as Jaffa, Oreo, and Biscoff, among others. You can talk with your friends for precision and get to know what they love and order what they like! With packages such as ‘Family Favourites Brownie Box,’ you can get them for a larger group of people and enhance their day. The prices for the brownies’ package begin from £14.50


As seen above, these gifts are not pricey and can be anything from books to brownies. Always remember that it is the thought that counts. Get them today and make someone else smile during these trying and challenging moments.

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