3 Unique Ways to Get Your Coffee Intake For the Day

If you’re anything like a large majority of the world that lives, breathes and eats coffee, chances are good that you love it for many different reasons. It not only makes you function and gives you energy when you’re seriously lacking it, but it is very likely that the smell of something like Satellite coffee beans permeates your house at all times, pictures of it decorate your walls, the beans just might sit in little glass dishes on your countertops for decoration, and you just might plan your vacations around places you know are going to have a copious amount of coffee for you to sample and buy.

You love Seattle and Portland. In fact, the Northwest is the only place you should live if you adore coffee to this level. If you are so much of a coffee lover that you’re always looking for unique ways to get your coffee intake for the day, here are things you can try:

Cover it in Chocolate and Eat it Whole

Aside from using your handy dandy coffee maker in the morning to get your butt out of bed and out into the world to be productive, there are many ways that coffee can be enjoyed that don’t include your typical brew it in the pot and drink it on the way to work method. If you’re a chocolate lover and you don’t mind literally chewing your coffee, you absolutely need to try chocolate covered coffee beans. They’re amazing. They’re sweet, they’re crunchy, they can have that hint of sea salt if you’re into that kind of thing, and you’re getting coffee at the same time. Shake it up by adding a coffee crunch to your routine. You won’t regret it.

Try Coffee Jelly Tea

It sounds bizarre, yes. And maybe it is, but if you don’t try things, you’ll never discover anything new and you’ll be stuck in your old, boring ways of intaking coffee. One way to shake things up is to try coffee jelly tea. It’s exactly how it sounds. It’s tea with chunks of coffee jelly in it. It allows you to not only get your coffee, but you also get to play with your food a bit. Curious? You could always make it at home and see what you think.

Embellish Your Food With It

You can get really creative with coffee. When you think about it, you can use it whole, in ground form, you can drink it, brew it, eat it, sprinkle it on top of your food, anything you can think of, and it’s an option. Why not use coffee in every single food possible? At least the sweet ones that would go well with coffee. Use it in your brownies, make gummy bears, deserts, make up a sauce for food and throw some coffee in there and see what happens.

If you love coffee that much, you can be the person that invents the next best way to take it. Coffee is edible in many forms, so the only limit for you is your imagination. Go coffee wild.

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