3 Tips for Overcoming Unhealthy Cravings

There are a lot of things in life that people crave. Some of these things may include taking a vacation, watching their favorite show, or getting a massage. And while many cravings can be healthy to indulge in, there are some that aren’t. If you have unhealthy cravings, like for harmful substances or unhealthy food, it can be dangerous for you to give into these urges. So to help you learn to fight off the urge to eat that donut or cupcake, here are three tips for overcoming unhealthy food cravings.

Up Your Protein Intake

When your body starts wanting something sweet or salty, this could be the result of you simply being hungry and wanting to get something into your system quickly. However, these sweet and salty foods are definitely not what’s going to be most satisfying to your body, even if they are satisfying to your taste buds. So to keep those urges for snacks and sweets at bay, Adda Bjarnadottir, a contributor to Healthline.com, recommends eating more protein during your meals. By increasing the amount of protein you’re eating, your body will be able to stay fuller for longer. This will help your cravings to subside because your body will still feel full for hours after you’ve eaten a decent amount of protein.

Tap It Out

If an urge to snack or indulge is gnawing at you, there are other ways to take your mind off that pressure. According to Amanda Woerner, a contributor to Daily Burn, the best way to distract yourself from a craving is to get body your mind and body involved. In one study, they found that by tapping your finger on your forehead, or tapping your toe, for 30 seconds, people were able to take their mind off their craving and come out of those 30 seconds with a far lesser craving for unhealthy foods. While something similar can be done by simply staring at a blank wall, when you get your body focused along with your mind, the effects are much more amplified.

Choose Gum Instead

When you have a craving that just won’t quit, you may feel that you have to put something in your mouth to make the feeling pass. In this situation, Beth W. Orenstein, a contributor to Everyday Health, suggests chewing on gum rather than eating something. By chewing sugar-free or zero-calorie gum, you give your mouth something to do and can get a taste of flavor without eating a lot of calories. This can be a great distraction when cravings hit you hard.

If you frequently get cravings for unhealthy food and want new strategies for how to overcome these feelings, use the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.

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