3 Cooking Hacks For People Who Hate To Cook

When it comes to cooking, there are those of us that live for it and those of us who would rather stick a shard of glass in our eye.  Rarely is there a lot of room for indifference.  It’s just one of those things you either love or hate.

For those people who dislike it, it can prove to be a frustrating position to be in since we need to eat to live.  Cooking is one of those duties that come along with adulthood.  Just like paying off debts, doing your taxes, or going to the dentist, it’s just one of those adult things you have to do. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget to be able to eat out in restaurants all of the time.  Therefore, cooking can be a necessity as much as we may loathe it.  

There are some shortcuts to make it a little easier, however, so that we don’t have to endure the irritation of having to do something that we hate every night.  Here are some of the best cooking hacks that will make your cooking duties just a little bit easier.

Get a Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is a great tool for people who have busy schedules but still want to be able to keep up with a healthy diet.  Slow cookers have many recipes which make it possible to throw in a few ingredients in the morning before leaving for work and letting it cook slowly throughout the day while you’re gone.

By the time you come home you have a warm meal waiting for you ready to go.  Some people aren’t even aware of how easy the recipes are and how delicious they come out.  Try to take a look at some of the slow cookers on the market and see which features appeal to you the most before making your purchase.

Meal Prep

If cooking every day doesn’t appeal to you, consider prepping all of your food on the weekend during a long session of cooking.  This way you can have your fridge full of all of your week’s meals to take to work, as well as to have at home for dinner.

Although it involves a good portion of work one day a week, it leaves you the rest of the week not to have to worry about cooking at all.

Make a Menu

One of the biggest reasons that many people dislike cooking is because they hate getting home after a long day and having to brainstorm about what they are going to cook.  Creating a menu at the beginning of each week so you know what you’ll have each night completely eliminates this.

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