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What is the easiest way to make organic homemade ice cream?

Are you one of those people who could eat ice cream all year round? Do you know that an average person eats 22 quarts of ice cream per year? Store-bought ice creams have all sorts of chemicals,

Iced Coffee Recipe

Have you ever bought a new brand of coffee, brewed your first cup of the stuff, smelt the gorgeous familiar aroma and then been disgusted after your first sip? If not, you are one of the lucky

Foods to Calm an Upset Stomach

It may seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes the best thing for an upset stomach is more food…though obviously not too much more. Here are few simple medicines you can get over-the-counter – that is, over your grocery store’s

Autumn meal inspo

Autumn represents one of the most exciting times of the year when it comes to the variety of fresh produce available and the meals that can be created from it. It’s also a time when meals can

Planning Food for a Last Minute Christmas Party

Christmas is a great time for getting people together, and one of the things many people love most about the holidays is the wealth of delicious foods they get to eat – and guilt free because it

Great Adult Slushy Recipes

If you were a big fan of slush puppies when you were a kid, but there is no reason at all why those sweet and refreshingly cooling drinks should be reserved for just children.  Nowadays, thanks to

Top Two Comfort Foods Perfect for Fall

With the weather changing and the evenings getting longer, fall is the perfect season for comfort food. There’s something about the cold weather that calls for classic comfort food. From cheesy dishes like chili and stews to

Go Big or Go Home: Tips for Making a Tall Cake

Add a little umph! to your party by baking a majestic cake. Everyone knows that, when it comes to throwing a party, presentation is half the battle. The next time you find yourself strapped for ideas for

How to make quiche Lorraine

Making quiche Lorraine is easy. The key, though, lies in the pastry base. One of my favourite all time dishes and it’s easy to make – it’s one of many simple British lion eggs recipes available online.

Recipe – Provencal Beef Stew

The Provencal beef stew is a great way to warm up as it is made with capers and fresh herbs. It is made more special by adding olives to the recipe. The ingredients for this dish can